Volunteering Efforts

Volunteer work is an essential component of West Green Club's efforts to advance sustainability initiatives.  Club members contribute to these efforts through numerous volunteer projects throughout the year.

  • Composting
  • Fundraisers
  • Electronics Recycling Drives
  • Recycling 
  • Petition
  • Gardening

Composting - Volunteers direct students in the cafeteria during lunch to proper waste receptacles and educate students of how to properly dispose of their food waste and what items can and can't be compost. Volunteers then deposit compost material in Madison West High School's outdoor compost bin after the receptacles are full.

Fundraisers - West Green Club hosts and participates in several fundraisers throughout the year. West Green Club's most recent volunteering event was at the Regent Neighborhood July 4th festival, where students helped assemble and staff the "box maze" (comprising of several dozens of large cardboard boxes into a maze structure) and run an assortment of games and obstacle courses. West Green Club volunteers also helped set up a sample solar panel and table with information about our ongoing efforts to pursue a rooftop solar panel expansion project.

Electronics Recycling Drives - West Green Club holds biannual electronics recycling events in conjunction with Goodwill. During the 7-hour events in the fall and spring, West Green Club volunteers help unload electronics from the vehicles of Madison residents who attend this event and help weigh and place the electronics in proper receptacles. West Green Club volunteers also educate the public about our organization's sustainability initiatives.

Recycling - West Green Club frequently manages recycling and waste distribution for the classrooms of Madison West High School. During after-school hours, volunteers ensure that resources were properly disposed of in the correct receptacles and help unload recycled materials in larger recycling bins. 

Petition - As part of West Green Club's solar panel project, volunteers helped collect signatures from Madison West High School students and staff as affirmation of support for our efforts. This petition was used to help convince the School Board of the legitimacy of our efforts to advance renewable energy systems at Madison West High School.

Gardening - West Green Club helps in the upkeep of Madison West High School's community garden. Volunteers maintain the garden by clearing weeds, watering the garden, planting fruits and vegetables (the most popular of which are sweet potatoes and kale) in the spring, and harvesting them in the fall.